Fans were caught off guard when a post was shared to Lil Tay’s Instagram Story teasing “bad news” about the young rapper. It was later revealed that she is reportedly fighting her father in court after years of abuse. Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, became Internet-famous in 2018 when she was 9-years-old with videos of herself flexing while holding wads of cash in her hands while sitting inside expensive cars and walking around mansions. Her videos quickly went viral and she soon amassed a large following on Instagram, which currently boasts 2 million fans. She befriended fellow viral personalities like Woah Vicky, bringing her into altercations with Bhad Bhabie and other figures in their lane. Her mother, Angela Tian, was reportedly fired from her real estate firm after it was revealed that she was involved in the making of the viral clips. Her brother, Jason Tian, also landed in hot water at the time when a video of him coaching his sister, telling her what to say in her viral clips, leaked online. Just as soon as she became an influencer by telling everyone how much richer she was than the rest of us, she disappeared

Nothing was shared on Tay’s Instagram account since June 2018 after a judge ordered her to move to Canada with her father, Chris Hope. Last week, various posts were shared on her Instagram with allegations of the abuse the young rapper has allegedly faced at the hands of her father and his wife, who have also kept her from posting online and kept her from making money, while also spending the money she made as a viral star. Now her brother has launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #SaveLilTay in an effort to raise money to help his sister fight her father in court. Fans are skeptical about her brother’s intentions and her dad has denied the allegations in the past. We have yet to hear from Tay regarding her situation. This story is still developing but here’s what we know so far.