In a newly released bonus clip from the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian opened up about her experiences with agoraphobia.

Speaking with her sister Khloé, she shared that she experienced a fear of the outside world after she was robbed at gunpoint in 2016. “I feel like I had agoraphobia definitely after my robbery in Paris,” Kim shared. “Like definitely would stay in, hated to go out, I didn't want anybody to know where I was and didn't want to be seen. I just had such anxiety." 

She went on to explain that she had only just started to get more comfortable traveling again in early 2020, just as as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With the very understandable fear of COVID-19, she said those feelings and anxieties from her robbery came back. She described feeling like “such a freak all over again.”

Those feelings were only worsened by the pandemic, then, and pushy paparazzi certainly didn’t help the matter. "I came to Malibu not too long ago and went to Nobu, and I have not left my house really since quarantine. I was so freaked out," Kim said.