Age may only be a number, but Kevin Hart sure didn’t act like it was during his Peacock show “Hart to Heart,” when Don Cheadle revealed he was 56 years old. 

In a clip that’s gone viral this week—and in a feud that Cheadle’s rep reportedly told TMZ was all fun and games—Kevin responded with a surprised “damn” when Don revealed his age on the show. 

“I’m sorry,” Kevin said right after. “It was a thought and I blurted it out. I did not mean it that way.” 

Don then quickly responded with, “we’ll take a poll on how you meant it,” prompting the pair to continue to go back-and-forth during the segment. 

But it didn’t end right there. After fans started picking up on Hart’s jab, they took to Twitter to express that they weren’t too happy with his word choice. Don eventually asked fans to give the entire episode a try instead of just watching the one clip. 

“EVERYBODY, please watch the entire episode,” the actor said. “on top of understanding that this is just how we play it’s a really good one, i think. the first question he asks me is, “drugs; do you do them?” in the parking lot i said he looked like a black-o-lantern in that suit. it’s just us.”

Take a look at what Don and fans had to say about the back-and-forth below.