Karl-Anthony Towns has responded to rumors that he’s out here cheating on Jordyn Woods, who he calls “the baddest girl in the game.”

“Some haters we got now are gonna be the same ones we have when I put that ring on her finger,” he tweeted followed by a shrugging emoji.

Jordyn Woods is letting the world know her romantic relationship “is more than solid.”

The 23-year-old model and influencer found herself in more drama this week after rumors began circulating about Karl-Anthony Towns’ alleged infidelity. It all started after a Twitter user posted screenshots of a purported DM exchange between Towns and another woman. The flirtatious messages included plans about meeting up while an unidentified woman—presumably Woods—was out of town.

Woods responded to the circulating screenshots via Twitter on Thursday, insisting the messages were “fake.” She pointed to the language used in the DMs, saying it wasn’t in line with how Towns actually communicates.

“So crazy how someone can make fake screenshots and send it to blogs and y’all believe it 😭 ...” she tweeted. “He don’t even talk like that … ‘Mamita’ 😂😂😂😂 come on now.”

Woods went on to say that she doesn’t typically respond to these types of reports, but felt compelled to defend Towns’ name. She also blasted the woman who was supposedly behind the rumor, writing: “WE SEEE YOU SIS … since you wanna be seen SO BAD. God see you too.”

Gossip of the City has also shared screenshots of the Instagram photos shared by Towns’ alleged mistress. The posts were apparently “liked” by the NBA stars’ verified account.

Woods caught wind of the second round of screenshots and claimed they didn’t prove Towns was being unfaithful.

Towns addressed the rumor shortly after, echoing Woods’ claims about the original screenshots being fake.

Woods and Towns confirmed their relationship in September 2020, when they each shared photos of their summer getaway.

“I found you, then I found me,” Woods captioned the post.