On a Thursday evening in mid-January, a 15-second video clip populated everyone’s timelines. Drake’s “Come Thru” was playing in the background as Madonna and her straight blonde hair shimmied on a couch. To her left was an almost fully reclined Kanye West and his then–partner-in-paparazzi Julia Fox, both wearing black gloves. Fox’s leg was straddled over West’s as she glanced down at her abs and gently glided her hand up her thigh in a nonchalant but knowing way. And to Madonna’s right was Floyd Mayweather and Antonio Brown, both sitting with their hands clasped together, bopping their heads as if they were at their own party. 

The internet erupted in the way it does when certain celebrities get together and document the moment. The clip turned into memes that spread across IG, Twitter, and TikTok, while outlets including People, Page Six, and Complex covered it as news. Madonna reposted pics from the night to her 18 million IG followers, as did Brown—who has 8.9 million followers—and Fox—who has 1.3 million. Fox also spoke to Interview magazine about the occasion, stating, “I had a date with Madonna, but obviously I invited Ye because they know each other, they work together, and they respect each other as artists. Then, Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown, and a bunch of other people showed up. So obviously we had to do a photo shoot.” 


It might not seem obvious to everyone, but Jason Lee, who owns media platform Hollywood Unlocked, helped orchestrate that moment. Lee says he was hanging out at his Hollywood Unlocked studio with Evan Ross, Diana Ross’ son, and Mayweather when Kanye called and said they should all do dinner. So they met him, Madonna, and Fox at celebrity hot spot Delilah in Los Angeles. Brown also joined with ASAP Rocky, who somehow avoided any pictures.

“That was a Mona Lisa moment,” says Lee. “The culture and pop culture outcasts coming together for dinner that led to a photo that led to that video. It was special.”

Lee’s been connected to various Mona Lisa moments that have captured social media’s attention. In 2015, we met Lee as the “messy blogger” on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood who had an altercation with cast member Hazel-E. Just as she was about to finish this sentence, “You’re mad because you never escalated to a Media Take Out or a high-end blog that people…” Lee threw a drink in her face.

Lee has since offered more backstory around the incident, and he’s made up with Hazel-E (she appeared on Hollywood Unlocked two years after the mishap). But seven years after being cast for the reality TV show, which can either hurt or help your career, Lee has blossomed and his media company Hollywood Unlocked has ascended to become the relevant platform that Hazel-E said it wasn’t. The site draws in almost 2 million unique visitors a month, and Lee currently has 11 people on staff. They work out of a luxe penthouse apartment that he converted into an office space overlooking Los Angeles—you can see CNN’s Los Angeles headquarters from one of the studio spaces. He charges people to rent out spaces in the studio to create content, and he’s working on packaging together digital courses that can help other creators build a platform like he did.