By 2017, when he began uploading skits, Druski had dropped out of school and moved back in with his mom. He’d also given up on working at a trampoline park, a warehouse, a Red Lobster (“The first day I was a server at Red Lobster, I spilled wine on this lady on her birthday,” he says), and doing unspecified “illegal things’’ to earn money. Unsurprisingly, his decisions to quit his legal odd jobs weren’t met with a lot of support, especially from his mother, who had been borrowing from her retirement fund to pay for Druski’s schooling. The comedian says his grandmother asked him not to call her or visit anymore. “I think it was one of those things where it was like, ‘You need to get your shit together, but you’re going to have to do it on your own. It sounds so goofy to say, ‘I’m going to be a comedian and I’m going to be famous.’ That sounds so crazy,” he says. 

Regardless of how it sounded to others, Druski was determined. It wasn’t unusual for Druski’s mom and younger sister to return from work or school and find their home reappointed for one of his many skits. “I think I had rearranged the whole house downstairs. I had the lamp lights tilted up towards the ceiling. I tried to make the inside of the house look like QT. It was an employee skit that I came up with. I had a table down there to hold the camera. I had my phone on top of the sofa so it was eye level to me,” he says. “[My mom] walked in and just lost it. She was like, ‘This is so stupid! You’re grown! You need to just go back to school.’” 

Watching his frustrated mother cry brought the comedian to tears and spurred him to reevaluate his strategy and get serious about his future. At this point, he’d only attracted about 10,000 followers on Instagram and was doing promotional content for small businesses, which earned him $20 to $50 per post. Druski wrote out his goals and taped them to the wall near his door so that he would be reminded of them each time he walked by. Among other things he hoped to achieve within the year, he wanted to move out of his mom’s house, increase his social media following to 100,000, continue to sharpen his unique comedy style, and perhaps meet a few of the famous people he admired.