This Friday (September 10), Channel 4 will dedicate 24 hours of programming to Black talent as part of their “ongoing commitment to improve Black representation both on and off screen.” 

The initiative—titled Black To Frontwill feature a re-run of cherished ‘90s classic Desmond’s, as well as Black-fronted specials of Come Dine With MeCountdown, Googlebox, Big Breakfast and more. There will also be a Black To Front special of soap opera Hollyoaks, a drama written by the famed author Bolu Babalola called Big Age, and the launch of a new reality series called Highlife.

Popular media personality/presenter Zeze Millz and Capital Xtra Breakfast host Yinka Bokinni have been selected to host a one-off show called UnapologeticThe late-night offering will see Zeze, Yinka and their guests discuss everything from racism and colourism to Black Lives Matter and social media. Produced by Jamal Edwards’ SBTV and Cardiff Productions, the show—which airs at 11.35pm—aims to bring fresh perspectives to pressing and relevant conversations and package them as freely as possible. 

“This opportunity represents the chance to hear the diversity in opinion around issues affecting all of us in a fresh way,” Jamal Edwards said in a statement. “It’s time to shake things up and bring new views to the mainstream. I believe Unapologetic will represent the viewpoints of my generation in a provocative and entertaining style.”

Black To Front kicks off at 6am this Friday on Channel 4—peep the full schedule here.