There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving that can get lost in the Black Friday shuffle: the turkey pardoning, the Thanksgiving Day parade, NFL games, family time, good food, and, of course, being thankful for the things you have. However, there’s one aspect of Thanksgiving that more than often gets overlooked, even by fierce devotees to the holiday’s traditions: the multitude of Thanksgiving movies available to dig into as you let your food digest.

The real movie heads out there can hit the theaters to enjoy Creed II, Ralph Breaks The Internet, or Green Book, all of which will be out in theaters by the time the tryptophan coma breaks. But your options are even more diverse if you're kicking it at home. While it may not have as many bona fide classics as Halloween or Christmas, Thanksgiving has a cinematic leg up over these holidays in that its films come in a plethora—a cornucopia, if you will—of genres, with each one falling into its own unique little category. Beyond your corny Hallmark Thanksgiving movies, there are plenty of other choices that are fun (or at least entertaining) for the whole family. 

From indie dramas and low-budget horror films to laugh-out-loud comedies and classic animated specials, Thanksgiving serves up a hefty variety of great movies to enjoy on November 22. These are the 10 best Thanksgiving movies.

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