What do you get into on Thanksgiving? After you’ve watched the Macy’s Day Parade, devoured the turkey (or effective substitute), watched the football games, played the UNO, and spent some quality time with your fam? It’s time to fire up a good film. For many, that might mean some two-hour epic that they will pass out to, but this is a national holiday—why not check out some “Thanksgiving” films?!

The Thanksgiving film is a unique category. It’s already a weird holiday week, with more people talking about hectic travel and Black Friday deals before really speaking on what the holiday is supposed to mean. That means that a number of films that take place around Thanksgiving usually save the bird until the end of the film, as most of the film is traveling or dealing with family drama. Just know that while the “Thanksgiving movie” genre might not be massive, there are some awesome films to watch that will help you get into the holiday spirit.

From classic animated specials and comedy classics to smaller, more intimate indie flicks, these are the Best Thanksgiving movies for you to watch while trying to avoid passing out due to consuming amazing food.