Science fiction is one of the most diverse genres in film. Sci-fi films often combine the best elements of action, drama, romance, mystery, and family films, into a creative version of some type of technology or future. Science fiction truly has something for everyone.

While science fiction nowadays has a pretty good name, it wasn’t always so appreciated. It’s taken decades for popular science fiction to not only mature out of its cheesy B-movie roots, but to also become popular to the masses. We have directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to thank for its popularity, particularly two little films they made called E.T. and Star Wars. The overwhelming success of these films led to not only a resurgence in the genre, but a renewed interest in these stories in the popular culture.

The resurgence of science fiction can also be attributed to a general sense of unease towards the future at the turn of the millennium. Many science fiction films aim to guess what our futures will look like in order to ease (or in some cases, stoke) our anxiety. Sometimes, science fiction movies predict modern events in eerie ways, other times, they’re goofy and way off the mark. Nevertheless, the best science fiction movies leave you pondering what the future has in store. Here are the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.