You know what sucks? There just aren't many parasitic aliens or intergalactic warrior women walking around in real life. Not to mention that the likelihood of stopping by the local bodega and chopping it up with a time-traveling, human-sized bunny rabbit is slim to none. And, worst of all, teenagers don't have any opportunities to trade monotone insults with a muscular T-800 cyborg.

That's where science fiction films come in handy. For 90 to 120 minutes at a time, viewers can transport themselves to sci-fi worlds wholly unlike their own, dystopian landscapes ravaged by inhuman predators, traversed by brainy experimentalists hoping to reshape man's common thought processes, and terrorized by, that's right, homicidal clowns from another planet. Here's the best part: There's no actual threat involved. Not even the most effective genre films can literally break the fourth wall and ruin your fun.

It's been a long and stressful week living in our reality, no doubt—why not send yourself to worlds beyond our wildest dreams with the 25 best sci-fi movies streaming on Netflix right now? The only requirement: a healthy imagination.

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