Director: Mike Flanagan
Stars:  Carla Gugino, Carel Struycken, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas, Chiara Aurelia

As if Stephen King wasn’t already considered one of the best and most prolific horror writers in the genre, he’s now admittedly having a bit of a moment in cinema, too. Of course, King novels have always been an inspiration for directors interested in adaptations, especially after the success of 1976’s Carrie, but this year’s historic box office success of It has reminded younger audiences of the mass appeal of King’s stories. But Gerald’s Game, released on Netflix right around the same time as It, is a more faithful and therefore more chilling adaptation of a Stephen King story. It also helps that the story is more specific and much more adult than It: a woman begins hearing voices and having bizarre visions after accidentally killing her husband during a particularly kinky night of sex. The fact that the movie was released on Netflix means Gerald’s Game benefits from an unbelievably dark grittiness you can only find far away from the lights of a big blockbuster, making it all the better for a Halloween movie night.