Negotiating the holiday season is tricky. We are firm believers that Halloween is the kick off to the countdown to Christmas (and is definitely not too early). We think the purpose of Black Friday is to get our Christmas decorations out of storage. And if you share our belief in holiday season superstition, then you know that Christmas music cannot, will not, and must not be played until at least Thanksgiving Day.

Although we try to stick firm to our holiday season values, there are still times all year round when we long for hot cocoa, snow, and tinsel. Now, don't judge us! We are perfectly content with blue skies, frozen drinks, and golden tans, but there is just something about the holiday season that reminds us of family and friends, forgiving sweaters and pants, and, of course, mega sales.

So, what are you supposed to do when you want to get in the holiday spirit, but don’t want your friends and family to think you’re crazy? When we want to adhere to tradition, but wouldn’t mind a little Christmas spirit mixed in to our days at the beach? When we want to get those snowy vibes without actually shoveling our driveways for at least a few more months? Don't worry, we have a plan: There is never a bad time for a Christmas movie mini-marathon, and for that, we turned to Amazon. After combing through Amazon Prime, we compiled a list of the best Christmas movies they have available for streaming right now for you to watch to feel like a kid waking up on Christmas morning.

Of course, there are many more available than the films we included on this list, but to save you from devoting too much time in April or August on a holiday movie bender that would cause genuine concern among your loved ones, we kept this list short and sweet and only featured our top picks. Not only are you not breaking any of those more serious Christmas traditions, but these movies can be easily streamed while you're on the beach getting gold (no spray tans). You can thank us later...when you're not arguing with your friends about why All I Want For Christmas is You keeps “magically" popping up on shuffle when you have control of the aux cord. Without further ado, here are the best Amazon Prime Christmas movies.