UPDATED 3/30, 10:30 a.m. ET: Addison Rae was caught by TMZ yesterday, during which encounter she gave rightful credit to Black TikTok dance creators. The reporter asked her how she felt about how everything was handled after her Fallon video came out, to which she responded, “I think they were all credited in the original YouTube posting, but it’s kind of hard to credit during the show.” She continued, “But they all know that I love them so much and I support all of them so much and hopefully one day we can all meet up and dance together.”

Rae said she’s been in contact with most of the Black TikTok creators and “really [wants] to collab with all of them. They’re all so talented and I definitely don’t do them justice. They’re amazing,” she said. 

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Social media personality, dancer, and now singer Addison Rae has come under fire after she performed a medley of TikTok dances without crediting Black creators behind the dances.

The performance came on a recent episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with her participating in a segment in which she “teaches” Fallon eight different dances popular on TikTok. While she went through the series of dances, Fallon was by her side holding signs with each dance’s respective name. Despite the national TV platform she was given, she and Fallon did not credit any of the dances, of which many were created by Black creatives.

“This is colonizer culture in real time cause she did not have the talent or creativity to come up with these dances but she’s getting the credit and exposure,” wrote one Twitter user. “This is cringey,” added Tanya Chen of BuzzFeed News. “But what’s worse is that Addison has been catapulted to being the face of viral dances created by mostly Black tiktokers.” 

When the portion was shared on YouTube, the description credited the creators of the dances as follows: "Do It Again: @noahschnapp, Savage Love: @jazlynebaybee, Corvette Corvette: @yvnggprince, Laffy Taffy: @flyboyfu, Savage: @kekejanjah, Blinding Lights: @macdaddyz, Up: @theemyanicole, and Fergalicious: @thegilberttwins."

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