Addison Rae already caught some heat for taking on a reporter gig at UFC 264 over the weekend, but people have even more questions after a video has emerged of her going out of her way to meet former President Donald Trump during the event.

In a video posted by popular YouTube vloggers the Nelk boys, Trump can be seen entering the arena and taking a seat directly in front of the internet personalities. To their left is Rae, who toward the end of their video, erroneously entitled “Donald Trump Is Smashing Addison Rae,” can be seen getting out of her seat and tapping the former president on the shoulder. 

“Hi,” she says. “I’m Addison. Nice to meet you, I have to say ‘hi.’”

While it’s unclear what Trump says in response, or how anyone could approach a former president and tap them on the shoulder without much hassle from the Secret Service, Trump seemed unbothered by the internet celebrity. The Nelk boys—who met Trump themselves and seemingly got emotional right after—also made inappropriate comments about the nature of Addison’s encounter with Trump. 

After the encounter was posted on Tuesday morning, people questioned why Rae would approach a president who she previously went out of her way to deny supporting. The video comes months after Rae was called out on TikTok for allegedly being a registered republican—which she denied—and after she clarified that a suspected Trump flag in her bedroom was actually something entirely different. 

Either way, Rae caught the expected backlash for her chumminess with the former president. Check out some notable reactions below.