'Brotherhood' Has Had an Incredible Opening Weekend, Making Nearly £2 Million in the UK

It's a number two, behind Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party'.




When Noel Clarke announced he was bringing the Kidulthood trilogy to a close, we were excited — but there was some concern. The original film was released 10 years ago. Would the audience be still around? Would the kids that loved the first film have grown up, and not be interested anymore? 

Turns out there was no need to worry. Brotherhood opened on August 29, and has already made £1.92 million at the UK during its opening weekend. It is currently second at the box office, behind only Seth Rogen’s R-rated animation Sausage Party, which took £2.7 million — and considering that’s a massive film with a big advertising campaign and an A-list voice cast, there’s no shame in being behind that. Plus Brotherhood was only showing on just over half as many screens as Sausage Party was. It had the highest site average of the Fri-Sun period with £4,579 per cinema, and easily beat what Adulthood took in its opening week (£1.2m) back in 2008. Brotherhood did have a small cheat — instead of opening on Friday, it debuted on the Bank Holiday Monday. But it’s still a very impressive haul. 

BOOM!! Number 2 in the UK Box Office, with more money than Adulthood, Here are the facts!! https://t.co/NVP3HiMlmH

— Noel Clarke (@NoelClarke) September 5, 2016

[via Screen Daily]

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