That 'Black Widow' Post-Credits Scene, Explained

'Black Widow' hit theaters hard and made sure to include an intriguing post-credits scene. Did it confuse it? We're here to help you figure everything out.

Black Widow

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Black Widow

The post-credits sequences of a Marvel movie can take on a few different forms. Sometimes they’re critically important to the future of the MCU; other times, they’re just a fun little throwaway gag. Regardless, the post-credits stinger is an essential part of the Marvel movie experience. 

After a hiatus of sorts in Avengers: Endgame [Ed note: For good reason!], Marvel’s post-credits scenes returned in Spider-Man: Far From Home, playing a critical role in the future of the beloved web-head. Likewise, they’re back in Black Widow—albeit in a slightly different way. Instead of being treated to an animated credits sequence, Widow moves this bit to the movie’s start as part of a James Bond-inspired decision. Instead, upon the movie’s conclusion, we jump right into the remaining credits, sans mid-credits scene. 

There is, however, a post-credits scene that ties Black Widow to the Disney+ Marvel shows in a pretty significant way. Before we dive into the details of this scene and what it might mean for the future of the MCU, we’re going to issue a big SPOILER ALERT in case you want to go into the movie unaware. If you’ve seen Black Widow already or simply want to know the whole story, dive in with us below.

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Black Widow

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