Meet The ‘Wolf Pack’ Teens in Paramount Plus’ New Supernatural Thriller

New supernatural Paramount+ series 'Wolf Pack' debuts on January 26th, executive produced by Sarah Michelle Gellar and a fresh, exciting new cast.

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Header Image

Image via Paramount+

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Header Image

Calling all werewolf (and Buffy) stans! Wolf Pack, a new original series from Paramount+, is set to be the new teen supernatural thriller to get viewers howling online.

The Los Angeles-based series, adapted from a book of the same name, follows two teenagers, Everett and Blake, who find each other after a dangerous encounter with a frightening beast after a California wildfire awakens it. Together, they meet adopted fraternal teen twins, Harlan and Luna, who also had a similar experience with a beast sixteen years ago. During the next full moon, the four teens discover that they have a hairy reason connecting them — they’re been turned into werewolves! With terrifying creatures, meddling humans, and the now-bonded four teens working to solve the secrets of their mysterious circumstances each week, the suspenseful series is set to be the next show that viewers make a trending topic on Twitter.

Wolf Pack will also bring forth the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to supernatural television for the first time since she starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20 years ago. While Gellar was the teen keeping secrets as she slayed — and fell in love with — vampires in Buffy, she’ll be one trying to uncover the secrets as an arson investigator trying to figure out who’s setting the dangerous fires across the town. Gellar, who’s also an executive producer on the show, will be joined by acclaimed actor Rodrigo Santoro who’s best known as Luca in 7 Prisoners, Hector Escaton and Ettore in Westworld, and — for my fellow rom-com fans — Karl in Love Actually. In Wolf Pack, he’ll bring his talents to take the role of an environmentally-conscious dedicated park ranger and the adoptive father of Harlan and Luna.

But, while the show includes superstars like Gellar and Santoro, it’s the teens who will lead the pack in this eight-episode series. Learn more about them below, and get a “bite” out of Wolf Pack every Thursday on Paramount+ starting January 26th.

Everett Lang

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Everette

With overwhelming anxiety and overly critical parents, Everett Lang (portrayed by Armani Jackson) had enough to stress about even before he became a werewolf. While he practices meditation, does therapy, and takes medication, Everett is always close to having a panic attack. He’s also the one who comes face-to-face with the mysterious creature with Blake while trapped outside of a school bus during the wildfire. With the wolf pack, Everett just might find the group he needs for more support. Fun fact: Jackson also starred in the Paramount+ original movie Honors Society.

Blake Navarro

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Blake

Before she was a werewolf, Blake Navarro (portrayed by Bella Shepard) was a “lone wolf.” With an unstable life at home and an outcast at school, she pushed away her former friends and considers herself to be “analog.” She steers clear of nearly all technology including cell phones — that means social media too. With the crew, Blake might shed her isolation-prone life as she develops new bonds with her pack as they try to discover what happened to them.

Luna Briggs

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Luna

Every team needs an optimist. In this pack, that’s Luna Briggs — one-half of the aforementioned fraternal twins. Luna (portrayed by Chloe Rose Robertson) gives off positive energy but prefers to keep her “friendships” on a superficial level and becomes resistant when anyone tries to connect on a deeper level. While she’s a popular girl who naturally draws attention from others, she doesn’t have any close friends — something she wants deep down in her heart. As she joins Everett, Blake, and her brother on a quest to figure out what happened to her and her brother sixteen years ago, she may just get her wish.

Harlan Briggs

Paramount Plus Wolf Pack Harlan

To round out the team of four, Harlan Briggs (portrayed by Tyler Lawrence Gray), is flirty, sixteen, and thriving. As a former jock-turned-party animal, Harlan loves attention — especially when he has his shirt off. He’s far from afraid of having all eyes on him — he actually might prefer it that way. While he’s a bit conceited, Harlan is also a bit of a people-pleaser. Although this journey might be a bit tough for him as he’s more interested in the present than the past.

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