No Marvel Movie Has Pre-Sold as Many Tickets in a Day as 'Black Panther'

Marvel's 'Black Panther' just broke a record.

Black Panther isn't out for more than a month but it's already breaking records. The forthcoming Marvel film just dethroned 2016's Captain America: Civil War as Fandango's best-selling MCU film in 24 hours after advance tickets went up for sale on Monday night, Jan. 8.

"Black Panther is riding an incredible wave of momentum right now," said Fandango editor Erik Davis. "It’s one of the biggest and most anticipated movies to ever open in the month of February, and its trailers have electrified the internet. Tickets have been going fast ever since presales started on Fandango late Monday."

Although Deadline notes there isn't a direct correlation between presale tickets sales and weekend box office numbers, the Wakandan king is already in good company. Civil War cashed in $179 million during its opening weekend two summers back.

Black Panther also has a few things working in its favor aside from being one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The film is set to be released right after Valentine's Day during the four-day President's Day holiday weekend, meaning fans will have plenty of time to take their dates to see the movie. (Or to see it on each day by themselves.) And there are few better ways to celebrate Black History Month than seeing the first black superhero take the fore on the big screen. (Spawn and Blade are more anti-heroes guys.)

Either way, the hype is real. Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa aka the titular hero alongside Angela Bassett as his stepmother, Ramonda, Forest Whitaker as his advisor, Zuri, and Michael B. Jordan as the villain, Erik Killmonger. It's set to be released on Feb. 16.

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