Kardashian Family Reportedly Not Surprised by Anything Kanye Says Anymore

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is reportedly no longer phased by things like Kanye West's 'KTCY' verse on being amenable to sex with his four sisters-in-law.

It seems Kanye West can do no wrong in front of the Kardashian-Jenner crew. After coming forward with his love for Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian came to his defense. When Rhymefest accused Ye of abandoning the Chicago non-profit named after his late mother, Donda West, Kim K came to bat for her husband on Twitter. And it seems the same goes for Ye's latest song, "XTCY," where he speaks about wanting to have sex with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

"You got sick thoughts?/I got more of ’em/You got a sister-in-law you would smash?/I got four of them," he raps in the first verse.

But People's source says Ye usually consults his wife about lyrics before it goes out into the world and "none of the sisters have mentioned being upset about the song, and that at this point, nobody in the family is surprised by anything the rapper says or does."

Since the song dropped, Kris Jenner is the only one who's spoken up about it—sort of. "I have earmuffs on right now. I did not know," she said when asked about it on the Australian radio show Kylie and Jackie O. "I just walk around with my hands over my ears. Earmuffs, earmuffs!"


This is far from the first time Ye stirred up controversy in his music. Back in 2016, he rapped about him and Taylor Swift getting it on in The Life of Pablo's "Famous." "I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/Why?/I made that bitch famous," he says. And not only did Kim K defend his lyrics—she also pulled receipts to counter Swift's claim that Ye didn't run the lyrics by her ahead of time. Now, that's commitment.

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