Emilia Clarke Attempts to Spoil 'Game of Thrones' But Fails Miserably

Emilia Clarke's attempt to share spoilers doesn't happen, but there's still a chance to visit Westeros in person.

If you can't wait for Game of Thrones' final season to arrive in 2019Emilia Clarke is ready to give away spoilers. (Not really.)

Clarke announced she's teaming up with online fundraising platform Omaze to give one lucky winner (and a guest) a chance to fly to Northern Ireland, stay in a four-star hotel, and best of all join Clarke for lunch and tour the set. But before that happens, she wanted to give everyone a sneak peak into what's happening in Westeros. Unfortunately, when she tries to open a door with a big red sign reading "closed set," it won't budge.

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"I know everything is under wraps but they forgot that they're dealing with the mother of dragons," she declares. But a blurred out producer has other thoughts as he explicitly forbids her from bringing the camera crew onto the set. Clarke tells a different story in front of the camera though. "They practically begged me to take onto this set but it's not a good set."  Instead, she offers a "top secret" one which she promises to be the "most iconic set" on Game of Thrones.

And she wasn't completely wrong. She takes the camera crew to the green screen room which would be pretty epic—if any of the special effects were there. When she realizes that was a bust, she takes them to an area she can actually control: her trailer where she has the Game of Thrones' "final script," except it gets blurred out and the lines she reads are bleeped out.

Later, Kit Harrington comes along but it's not to save the day like his Game of Thrones' character, Jon Snow. Instead, he's come relay a message from the producers: "shut it down." 

Game of Thrones watchers can still get a chance to see Westeros though. In order to enter, you have to donate to the RCN Foundation, a non-profit for health professionals, through Omaze. Get more info here.

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