Critic-Proof Porn Parody of 'Back to the Future' Ingeniously Trades Science for Anatomy

Still no word on 'Fap to the Future' Parts II and III.

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What better way to mark the celebration of one of the most iconic dates in film history, a.k.a. today, than with the announcement of a porn parody that wisely includes the verb "fap" in its title? With the cinematic grace of Fap to the Future, the tirelessly sensual minds over at WoodRocket hope to turn the complicated nostalgia of longing for an ideal future originally depicted in a movie from the 80s into something the whole fam can enjoy: porn.

Fap to the Future follows our well-dressed hero, the aptly named Marty DickFly, as he catches a ride on Cock Brown’s poontonium-powered sex-time machine. As you might have guessed, this "sex-time machine" is known to Marty and Cock by its downright Shakespearean nickname, The DickLorean. Marty will also find himself at the Enchantment Under the Semen Dance because of course he will.

However, one YouTube commenter's Fap plot theory is somewhat troublesome:

Fear not, Sir Barracuda007. WoodRocket is the same team that brought us existential masterworks such as Strokemon, Game of Bones, and even Bob's Boners. You can trust them.

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