Today, as the futuristic device in your hand has already alerted you, is the 21st of October. The year, as this same once-inconceivable device has also informed you, is 2015. This means that, after a series of false alarms propagated by heartless hoaxers, the actual date at the center of Back to the Future Part II has escaped fiction and landed in reality:


To mark this most joyous of occasions, USA Today is putting Marty McFly on Thursday's cover as a nod to the iconic YOUTH JAILED story that appears in the confirmed classic film:

USA Today

The elaborate recreation is actually a "wrap-around supplement," according to Mashable. It’s worth noting that many creative liberties were taken regarding the variety of stories that appear alongside Marty’s arrest, though the most notable headline is still something about a hoverboarding dog which should actually just be adapted into a brilliant screenplay.

The future is looking better than ever.