Negan Politely Introduces the World to His Bat in 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Trailer

Negan, thankfully, is a huge fan of dropping F-bombs.

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With the forthcoming season finale of The Walking Dead set to deliver plenty of walking and dying next Sunday, one name remains firmly emblazoned on the brains of viewers: Negan. The bat-clutching villain, played by the inimitable Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will make his surely profane debut in the finale by presumably killing off another beloved character. However, thanks to an Uproxx-discovered international trailer, concerned fans can get an early look at Morgan's Negan and his friendly bat Lucille:

It's Negan's back!

It's Negan's bat, Lucille!

The first look at the season finale, which aired in the Netherlands, is short on Negan details but is certainly hype-stacked enough to do the trick. "Hi," Morgan tells his new friends. "I'm Negan." As noted by pretty much everyone, the bat scene's POV vibes probably mean Negan is ready to hit a proverbial home run.

As previously reported, Negan is so delightfully vulgar that AMC was forced to shoot two different versions of the finale: one with a nice helping of fam-uniting profanity, another without. "We're going to push AMC," Morgan told Entertainment Weekly last December when pressed about the network's obvious limitations with regards to awesome profanity. "The plan is to push them as far as they can because it's who Negan is. He uses some colorful language." The Walking Dead, hopefully packed with bad words, delivers its season finale on April 3. 

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