'Furious 7' Becomes a Hilariously Self-Aware Comedy Thanks to This Honest Trailer

'Furious 7' finally gets the "honest" treatment, which will really just make you furious in a good way.

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If nothing else, Americans deserve honesty in our action movie trailers, right? Though Furious 7 is relatively immune to film criticism thanks to netting a highly braggable $1.5 billion since its release, it is most certainly not above getting the Honest Trailers treatment from the tireless minds over at Screen Junkies.

Vin Diesel has already proven his comedic muscle thanks to that one time he made a movie about a baby with a super punny title, but this honest Furious 7 trailer allows him to really flex the laughs. As for his next move, Diesel is sadly not expected to continuing bringing the giggles. As previously reported, he appears to be gearing up for both a narrative-defying xXx sequel and some sort of Iron Giant revisit.

Honesty is hilarious!

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