Someone Finally Sexualized the Apple Watch by Giving the Wearable Device Its First Compatible Sex Toy

Now would be a good time to start your Apple Watch sex toy savings fund.

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Apple is genius. The iPhone? Genius. The Apple Watch? Genius. Giving Drake a global platform to briefly eviscerate Meek Mill? Genius. Inadvertently creating devices perfectly suited for the continued futurization of the sex toys industry? Genius.

Lovense, a manufacturer of pleasure-assisting tools for the modern lover, just launched an Indiegogo campaign to procure $10,000 for its new iPhone and Apple Watch-controlled vibrator called Blush. The device is quite versatile, allowing users to transform their preferred Apple product into a convenient remote control capable of manipulating the speed and style of vibration:

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However, as briefly demonstrated in the video above, the most compelling feature of the Blush is the ability to sync the vibrations to the music of your choice. Of course, this means the universally shared dream of achieving a digitally assisted orgasm to the sounds of the criminally underrated Chingy album Powerballin' is now a reality.

"What makes our toy stand out is the connectivity range," marketing manager Eddy Olivares tells the Huffington Post. "During the research phase of our development, we tested all the bluetooth toys on the market."



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