Telltale Games Teases 'Batman' Release for 2016

Can you guys do 'True Detective' next?

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Telltale Games have taken their distinct brand of episodic game adaptations to many corners of pop culture, from their wildly popular take on The Walking Dead to their HBO-approved Game of Thrones. However, with Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight now firmly in the rear-view mirror, the time is right for the Telltale team to tackle the intricate emotional narrative of Bruce Wayne and company.

Though details remain scarce, Telltale's tentatively titled Batman series will reportedly give fans "a first-hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne," according to a statement obtained by Games Radar. The game's action is set to revolve around the "struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy," which is kind of Batman and/or Bruce Wayne's whole vibe.

This is terrific news. However, as I consider it my duty to protect and preach the legacy of one Matthew McConaughey, I must inquire: When will Telltale finally deliver a True Detective title? Something tells me HBO would probably be up for it. Anyway, for a closer look into the legend of the Telltale empire, peep our recent Magnum Opus Games doc on the company's storied history:

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