Founded in 2004, the decade-strong legacy of Telltale Games is clear: making the story the star of the game. Pulling from the expansive design team's previous experiences at LucasArts, Telltale has continually made a point to push the episodic gaming market forward with each new release. "Telltale makes story games," co-founder Kevin Bruner says. "Story games are more grounded in role-playing and narrative. They're very writing-driven."

For the new Complex original docuseries Magnum Opus Games, viewers are invited to take a 30-minute journey through the creativity-first approach heralded by Telltale's expansive catalog. From their adventurous takes on cinematic classics such as Back to the Future and Jurassic Park to their well-received Minecraft spinoff, Telltale has paired clever marketing with equally clever storytelling to build an unparalleled voice in the video game industry.

As many users move toward a more streamlined future in which movies, music, games, books, and all forms of consumable media are simply one multisensory experience, Telltale remains at the forefront of the innovation conversation. For another deep-dive, be sure to revisit our recent episode on the FIFA franchise below: