May the Fourth Be With You: How the Internet Is Celebrating Star Wars Day

Everyone is throwing down to celebrate the legacy of George Lucas.

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Star Wars Day is once again upon us all, meaning 24 straight hours of celebrating the limitless universe George Lucas created nearly 40 years ago. The ways in which fans (and businesses too!) can celebrate are just as limitless, meaning the 2016 edition of this sacred day has been as inspired as ever.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley kicked things off the right way, thanking fans for supporting Force For Change. The charitable initiative, according to its official website, is designed to put "the immense passion and goodwill of our fans" to use by inspiring them to engage in the same philanthropic efforts Lucas promoted at the dawn of the franchise. Ridley and her co-star John Boyega also hit their respective social media accounts to celebrate the fourth of May:

Even Samuel L. Jackson, who absolutely crushed it as Mace Windu in Episodes I through III, had to let out his inner fanboy:

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Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for a stirring rendition of "Jabba Flow," a collab that should clearly earn every award ever:

Perhaps inspired by Ridley's message of support, dedicated Star Wars fans took their intergalactic passions to new heights this year. Think you're the biggest Star Wars fan out? Maybe peep these true diehards and reassess:


We should probably give some very special props to this guy: 

Sadly, others took a more sinister turn with their Star Wars Day throwdown tactics by trolling everyone with some obvious Star Trek references:

Because apparently companies are people too, tons of your favorite (and plenty of your most-loathed) corporate monstrosities also hopped into the Star Wars Day festivities with some mostly cringe-free action of their own:

Regardless of how you feel about the pizza, this is damn good. Though not quite pizza-level good, other companies took similarly accomplished paths toward Star Wars Day glory:

Though he would formally exit the race shortly after posting, even Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined the fun with an admittedly decent parody of Star Wars' opening credits that positioned himself as some sort of a political Luke Skywalker:

Gotta watch those scheduled tweets, Kasich.

The real champ of this Star Wars Day, however, is Facebook CEO (and former Silicon Valley bro) Mark Zuckerberg:

Nailed it. If that mastery doesn't quench your thirst for Star Wars vibes, maybe just kick back and imagine all the cool stuff that's sure to go down in next year's Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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