Seth Rogen Pulls Hilarious 'Sausage Party' Prank on Shoppers With Animatronic Food

Seth Rogen pranks New York shoppers 'Sausage Party' style by planting a bunch of animatronic food inside a grocery store.

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Finally, a hilarious prank that doesn't involve actual psychological damage and emotional torment! Seth Rogen, never one to just coast along with the usual late-night stops during a press tour, brought the Sausage Party to a New York grocery store by strategically planting animatronic food items and then voicing their anguish from a hidden location.

"In honor of Sausage Party, I'm showing the people of New York that our food has feelings," Rogen explained in the clip's intro. The animatronic food items, including a ghastly loaf of bread and (of course!) a sausage, were operated via remote control while Rogen hit shoppers with equal parts charm and vulgarity. Funny, harmless, 10/10 would recommend.

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Sausage Party opened Friday, pitting its R-rated animated tale against Suicide Squad's crucial second weekend. If the film's reviews and its social media tracking are any indication, Rogen and company are set for a big-ass weekend that could potentially open up a new market for adult-oriented animated fare.

"We were able to get away with stuff that I wouldn't even have attempted to do in a live-action movie because it would be pornographic," Rogen told the LA Times Monday, adding that doing an R-rated animated movie is indeed "more fun" than the genre's usual G-rated content. "Because it's food and it's not real and it's not anatomically correct, it gives you that leeway. I think you almost have to push things a little further in order to arrive at the same place in animation because of how cute and not real the scenarios are."

Sausage Party is in theaters now. Take the entire family!

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