Jimmy Kimmel Brings 'Sesame Street' and 'Game of Thrones' Together in the Name of HBO

The inevitable crossover event is finally here.

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When HBO announced that it had inked an unprecedented five-year deal with Sesame Street, the public's knee-jerk reaction mostly centered on somehow, logically or otherwise, intertwining the worlds of America's favorite educational puppets and Game of Thrones. (Also, is Larry DavidsecretlyBig Bird?) Of course, Sesame Street already delivered their own attempt at bringing those worlds together earlier this year with the aptly dubbed "Game of Chairs." Jimmy Kimmel, apparently, wasn't entirely satisfied with that collaboration and decided to deliver his own.

"Sesame Street is moving to HBO," Kimmel explained to his audience on Tuesday, adding that he's not really sure how "a very wholesome show like Sesame Street" is going to fit in with some of HBO’s decidedly less puppet-centered programming. Kimmel, ever the purveyor of ridiculousness, says he then asked his team to "HBO-ify" Sesame Street, which thankfully includes generous profanity and an uneasy sense of plot-driven chaos.

Well played, Jimmy. Now revisit "Game of Chairs," but mute it and blast some Game of Thrones dialogue of your choice instead for a truly HBO-ified Sesame Street experience:

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