It's official: Curb Your Enthusiasm is taking far, far too long to return to the cynical hearts and minds of on-edge viewers all across the world. In fact, it's now been so long since Larry David's mantra-inspiring HBO instaclassic aired new episodes that the premium television network is now officially in the Sesame Street business. Supposed "51 percent chance" of returning aside, the world is clearly growing impatient.

On Thursday, HBO announced a pretty stellar five-year partnership with Sesame Street that is set to give the iconic brand the necessary platform to churn out "almost twice as much new content as previous seasons." According to a press release, the show will not be removed from PBS and related affiliates, but will instead make HBO "the exclusive, first-run subscription television distribution partner for Sesame Street and the new series."

New series, you ask? Well, HBO's deal also includes a Muppet-centered spinoff series and a new original educational series aimed at children. HBO CEO Richard Plepler expressed his unhindered excitement surrounding the deal's announcement, calling the partnership a logical step in the network's continued goal of bringing groundbreaking television to its audience. "Sesame Street is the most important preschool education program in the history of television," Plepler said in a statement frustratingly free of Curb Your Enthusiasm references. "We are delighted to be a home for this extraordinary show, helping Sesame Street expand and build its franchise."

Conspiracy theory alert: Is Larry David secretly Big Bird now?