Terrifying Dash Cam Footage Shows Typhoon Soudelor Tornado Ravaging Taiwan

Typhoon Soudelor slammed Taiwan with 100 mph winds and over 50 inches of rain.

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The deadly carnage of Typhoon Soudelor, which claimed at least 24 lives in China and Taiwan over the weekend, was briefly captured in the harrowing dash cam footage above. As the clip begins, heavy rainfall appears to be the main source of concern until a tornado suddenly appears, apparently engulfing the white van in front of the driver before lodging it between two trees. During the short but detrimental moment of despair, a woman is roughly thrown into the middle of the street by the tornado, later confirmed to have suffered severe injuries.

Typhoon Soudelor, with pre-landfall wind gusts of 180 miles per hour and an initial status of super typhoon, has prompted the evacuation of more than 11,000 people in Taiwan since orders were placed on Thursday. The ensuing chaos is only worsened by the current total of 4.3 million power outages in the country, a staggering figure that's currently creating grave unrest in the regions near Chiayi County and Yunlin County.

In fact, Taiwan Power Company repairmen are reportedly being attacked by frustrated citizens while attempting to complete necessary repair procedures. According to the Taipei Times, two such incidents are currently under investigation by local authorities. 

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