Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Star in 'Saved by the Bell' Sequel Series Teaser Trailer

Nostalgia is a dangerous drug.

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"I thought it was a parody because of how dumb it looks" reads the first comment on the YouTube upload of the latest glimpse at the impending Saved by the Bell sequel series.

At any rate, the under-a-minute teaser trailer was shared this week by Peacock, the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. Original series stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley reprise their roles as A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano, respectively. Fans can also expect eventual pop-ins from Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris (now Governor of California) and Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski, though the new teaser trailer doesn't boast any appearances.

The new Bell will debut later this year, though not with any enthusiasm from Dustin Diamond, i.e. the dude who played Screech on the original series. Speaking with TMZ in February, Diamond expressed confusion at how a new Bell could possibly work without his character’s involvement.

"I'm one of the rare people who was in every episode . . . And that's not the case anymore, if I'm not in the new one," Diamond said at the time. "And how do you have Saved by the Bell without Screech? Right? It seems like there's a missed opportunity there. What's the old saying about cutting off the hand? Cutting off the finger to spite the hand? Or, cutting off the nose to save or spite the face? Something like that."

Yeah. Something like that.

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