Matthew Weiner Calls Don Draper A "Very Weak Man"

'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner opens up about Don Draper during Series Mania in Paris.

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Though Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner maintained a disciplined adherence to the cultivation of Don Draper's mystique (and, in turn, his own) during the show's previous seasons, he's been a little more generous with insight surrounding the final episodes of the series that single-handedly redefined the AMC network. During the Series Mania festival in Paris on Sunday, Weiner was quick to back away from interpretations of Draper as a hero or antihero, emphasizing Draper's largely inept attempts at reconciliation. "Don doesn't fill the typical hero mode because he's more like a regular person," Weiner told the audience. "His flaws have to do with being shitty, and not coming through."

Though seductive for both viewer and creator alike, Weiner also called Draper a "very weak man" whose lifeblood is shame, a tragic emotional respite Draper currently seems to be chasing with more blind vigor than ever before. "I wanted him to commit to change," Weiner said.

According to Business Insider, Weiner also spoke with an uncharacteristic — though certainly earned — sense of pride regarding his success as a writer. "I'm a writer," Weiner told the audience. "That's my job [and] it's a rare talent that I never take for granted."


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