Former 'Mad Men' Cast Member Bryan Batt Theorizes On Sal's Fate

In a new interview with THR, Bryan Batt talks Sal, closure, and nostalgia.

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In a new interview with THR, Bryan Batt — once known as Salvatore Romano on AMC's Mad Men — provided a pair of competing theories as to what exactly became of the once-prominent art director. "Sal could have gone either way," Batt tells THR. "He was either going to explode out of the closet or remain so closeted and never have that aspect to his life — that deep longing — satisfied." Batt added that, in the "world of Mad Men," Sal's fate was probably the "latter, sadder, more tragic one," though he chooses the optimistic possibility of the character eventually donning a kaftan and adopting a Yorkshire Terrier.

Batt (who also starred in 12 Years a Slave) also discussed the current climate for gay actors in Hollywood, stating that the pain of the past "still lingers," though things are changing. "I think there's still a celluloid closet," Batt says. Praising Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner's successful attempt at avoiding full-blown nostalgia by accurately mirroring the difficulties of the era.

Bryan Batt is currently filming the forthcoming Scream MTV series in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.




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