Leonardo DiCaprio and Pope Francis Hang Out at the Vatican Because They Both Love Earth

Look at god.

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Soon-to-be Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, presumably taking a break from touring the world while telling stories about defeating sharks and getting scuba-saved by Edward Norton, stopped by the Vatican on Thursday for a quick chat with Pope Francis. "Your Holiness, thank you for granting me this private audience with you," DiCaprio told the Pope in Italian upon arriving, the Associated Press reports:

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In addition to offering a donation to the Pope for him to pass on to the charities "close to [his] heart," DiCaprio spoke candidly about the impact that Hieronymus Bosch's famous "Garden of Earthly Delights" triptych had on his views of climate change and the future of our planet.

"As a child I didn't quite understand what it all meant," DiCaprio said, "but through my child's eyes it represented a planet, the utopia we had been given, the overpopulation, excesses, and the third panel we see a blackened sky that represents so much to me of what's going in in the environment." Adding that the work of art also represented the Pope's own dedication to protecting Earth's survival, DiCaprio praised his efforts aimed at stripping fossil fuels of their chokehold on businesses all over the world.

Be like Leo. Cherish this planet.

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