Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian Hit With Breach of Contract Lawsuit for Not Promoting Beauty Line

The suit accuses the sisters of intentionally failing to promote the line and actively seeking new investors.

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Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian's storied beauty line is once again at the center of a legal dispute. Hillair Capital Management is reportedly suing the sisters for breaching their Kardashian Beauty contract, according toPeople. The suit argues that the makeup line, formerly known as Khroma Beauty, has suffered from the Kardashians' refusal to perform contractually obligated promotional duties.

Stemming from a brand-saving agreement in 2014, the Kardashians were expected to "actively promote, market, and support" the line. However, at least according to Hillair, that's not exactly what happened. The suit accuses Kim, Khloé , and Kourtney of "immediately" putting a halt to their promotion obligations while actively searching for new investors.

"The Kardashians wanted a better deal than they had struck with Hillair," the suit states, as quoted by People. "Towards this end, they failed and refused to properly market and promote the line in the hope that a more lucrative financial deal would materialize." According to Hillair, this "more lucrative" deal never came their way. Hillair also references a 2015 incident in which Khloé Kardashian reportedly trash-talked the line at a Beauty World exhibition in Dubai.

Hillair initially scooped up the Kardashian Beauty line in 2014, promptly saving the then-struggling brand with an estimated $10 million buyout. Boldface, the makeup line's original distributor, had reportedly collapsed. The beauty line hit another legal snag back in 2013, when a makeup studio known as Chroma forced the sisters to drop the "Khroma" and add the "Kardashian."

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