Matt Damon and Kim Kardashian West Heroically Deliver Anus Jokes in 'Stuck on Uranus'

With 'The Martian' enjoying some truly interstellar success at the box office, Ellen stepped up to get the sequel going immediately.

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"One man, one planet, one joke" might not sound like a deftly serious tagline for the inevitable sequel to Ridley Scott's The Martian, but that shouldn't deter potential Hollywood geniuses from taking Ellen DeGeneres' spoofy sequel teaser from a two-minute fake teaser all the way to a two-hour epic centered entirely on anus-related puns. The bulk of the casting work has already been done, with Kim Kardashian Westhappily aboard as an expert on Uranus alongside Matt Damon as cinema's favorite botanist.

Starving for some groundbreaking Uranus-themed wordplay? Enjoy Ellen's high-budget Stuck on Uranus trailer above and keep your fingers crossed for Ridley Scott's inevitable announcement on the status of Uranus getting the big screen treatment. After all, Martian did land an undeniably solid $54 million during its first weekend of release.

[Insert your favorite Uranus joke here].

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