Jerry Seinfeld Puts Donut Holes on Blast, Reveals He Isn't Interested in Doing Stand-Up in Space

Jerry keeps it real.

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Jerry Seinfeld, that guy with that show who occasionally enjoys caffeine-fueled hangs with President Barack Obama, stopped by Stephen Colbert's Late Show on Wednesday to reveal two very important things. In addition to admitting that he isn't particularly interested in doing stand-up on the International Space Station because space "isn't a good place" for comedy, Jerry also eviscerated anyone still infatuated with donut holes:

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Jerry's right. Donut holes, even on a purely logical level, make absolutely zero sense.

In related news, the thinking portion of the planet is still finalizing plans to move down to Australia after news broke that a George Costanza-themed bar just popped up in Melbourne. Speaking of the esteemed Costanza, one could reasonably apply his greatest societal contribution to the issue of donut holes:

They're not a lie if you eat them.

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