Jerry Seinfeld's been going through it lately. The living legend lost a bit of public favor after an explanation as to why he doesn't perform at colleges snowballed into a debate over which types of jokes have been unfairly deemed "too PC" and which are, just plain bad. Since then he's been getting dragged as yet another "middle-aged white dude" (the Internet's favorite descriptor, lmao) who doesn't know what's funny and what's sexist anymore. It got me thinking: dude is the co-creator and star of one of history's funniest shows ever. Seinfeld owes its place in history in part to characters who were uncharacteristically narcissistic, as well as episode plots (about nothing) that addressed prevalent social issues and pushed buttons. Read: definitely not PC.

These days when an episode of television goes over the line, the next morning the Internet is typically ablaze with takedowns and thinkpieces, word to the Game of Thrones guys. Often allowances are made for film and TV that existed in a different era. Even a contemporary takedown of Seinfeld would have to acknowledge the critical and social climate of the then versus the allegedly evolved climate now. But what if Seinfeld were released today—as the entire series was on Hulu—but it was brand new? Would it still be heralded? Here are ten episodes that would surely draw the ire of several groups, movements, factions and many a Hot Take writer the next morning if they aired today. Cheers to the funniest sitcom ever finally being available to stream!