Oscar-Hungry Jennifer Lawrence Reunites With 'American Hustle' Writer to Play Fidel Castro's Lover

Marita Lorenz was once recruited by the CIA for an alleged assassination mission.

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Jennifer Lawrence, who just nabbed her fourth (!) Oscar nomination earlier this month, is clearly eyeing a fifth one with her recent decision to sign on for Marita. The film reunites Lawrence with American Hustle co-writer Eric Warren Singer and centers on the life of Fidel Castro's alleged lover and would-be killer, according to the Hollywood ReporterThough Marita doesn't have a director currently attached, Sony is clearly pretty stoked on it and has already revealed a tentative 2017 release date.

Marita Lorenz, a legendary figure in Castro's history, survived being incarcerated in a concentration camp during World War II before meeting and engaging in an affair with Castro in 1959. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) later approached Lorenz to assassinate Castro, Variety reports. Though she did return to Cuba to carry out the killing, legend has it that the power of love ultimately convinced her otherwise.

Of course, the current JLaw Oscar buzz also stems from a real-life woman: Joy Mangano. Though Joy suffered less-than-stellar reviews from critics, Lawrence's performance as the iconic Miracle Mop inventor was widely praised. Joy ultimately earned Lawrence another Oscar nomination, sure, but that's probably pretty boring to her by now, right?

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