Hulu Drops 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 3 Trailer

The Hulu original, featuring 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss, returns next month.

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The Season 3 return of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale is now just over a month away, meaning we were due for a trailer. Wednesday, Hulu launched a two-minute glimpse at the new season starring Elisabeth Moss.

"Heresy, that's what you get punished for," Moss, who plays June on the show, says in the trailer's opening moments. "Not for being part of the resistance because, officially, there is no resistance. Not for helping people escape because, officially, there is no such thing as escape."

Catch the trailer up top. The series' third batch of new episodes launches June 5. The team previously hit us with a "Wake Up, America"-infused teaser, revisitable below, back in February.

Moss, who previously bagged critical acclaim for her turn on AMC's instaclassic Mad Men, previously told GQ that Handmaid's has ambitions on going places they've never been before. She was also asked about a discussion that's surrounded the series since its 2017 debut: the story's noticeable parallels with issues currently facing the States.

"That's so strange to me, that it's becoming almost not as shocking," she said. "And, you know, I did a show for many years in Mad Men that they used to draw parallels with, as far as sexism and women in the workplace and equal pay. And all that seemed striking at the time. But now it's times a million. It's so bizarre."

Also on Moss' 2019 slate is is Andrea Berloff's crime drama The Kitchen, due in August.

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