Guy Ritchie Returns to Crime Cinema With Matthew McConaughey-Starring 'The Gentlemen' Trailer

Somehow, this is the same guy who did 'Aladdin' earlier this year.

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Guy Ritchie serves as both writer and director of The Gentlemen, the latest comedic action entry in his filmography that expectedly features a stacked cast fronted by Matthew McConaughey.


McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, a wealthy force in the London marijuana industry who decides to start exploring options to cash out and leave it all behind. Once word of Mickey's desires starts to leak to nefarious forces, he's put in risk of not only losing a chance to cash out in favor of a quieter life, but also backed into a position of having to ensure that all he's acquired isn't stolen out from under him.


McConaughey is joined in the cast by Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, and Eddie Marsan.


The Gentlemen, slated for a theatrical run starting Jan. 24, was produced within the same year that also saw Ritchie do a little something called Aladdin.

"Marijuana's kind of fun, but nevertheless serious and there's money involved," Ritchie recently told Entertainment Weekly of his aim for the film's story, which he considers the "exciting juxtaposition" of bringing the worlds of "British aristocracy" and "New World American drive" together onscreen.

"I loved making Aladdin, but this is obviously a very different world," Ritchie said. The Disney reimagining has earned $1.05 billion globally.

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