HBO Debuts Seven-Hour 'The Godfather' Edit Featuring Previously Unseen Footage

Two of the greatest films of all time in a fresh new format.

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If you ask any given person to name what they consider the greatest movies ever, chances are they'll include The Godfather and/or The Godfather Part II somewhere in their impromptu top 10. Francis Ford Coppola's iconic crime saga managed to make cinematic history with career-best performances from Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro before ultimately coming to a close with the disappointing The Godfather Part III.

However, if watching individual movies just isn't your thing, HBO's decision to debut a seven-hour chronological edit of the only necessary Godfather entries (Parts I and II, respectively) is cause for celebration. Running a cinephile-pleasing 424 minutes, The Godfather Epic debuted earlier this week following a perplexing lack of promotion. Thankfully, the legendary cut is also available on HBO Now and is set for encore airings all month, Indiewire reports.

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The event, reminiscent of NBC's 1977 The Godfather: A Novel for Television supercut, reportedly features previously unseen footage and a chronological re-edit of The Godfather Part I and The Godfather Part II in a freshly remastered HD format. If you've somehow managed to not see these two impeccable films at any point in your bizarre existence, now is most certainly the time.

Word of advice: Go ahead and skip Part III.

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