'Game of Thrones' Star Says He Mainly Did the Show Just for the Paycheck

Honesty is the best policy, right?

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Clearly not concerned with the fact that Game of Thrones fans still haven’t recovered from the recent comments of Season 6 newcomerIan McShane, another Thrones star is out here with the blasphemy. Stephen Dillane, whose turn as Stannis Baratheon appeared to enter (SPOILER, I guess?) an indefinite hiatus after a sword blow, recently spoke with French publicationLiberation and expressed his general befuddlement at the show’s many successes.

"I do not regret having done Game of Thrones, but I have nothing to say," Dillane told reporters, as quoted by Uproxx. Adding that he "understood neither the series nor its success" during his experience as Stannis Baratheon, Dillane said the whole process was made all the more difficult due to the show’s status as a "big machine."

Of course, Stephen Dillane had his reasons for setting all those apparent annoyances aside: the generous paycheck. When asked by Liberation why he took the part, Dillane answered honestly: "Among other things, for the money." Thanks for keeping it oh so real, Stephen Dillane.

Game of Thrones, despite this recent batch of disparaging comments from stars past and present, returns to HBO for its sixth season on April 24.

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