'Full Frontal' Channels 'Mr. Robot' to Remind You That Pretty Much Everyone Is Spying on You

The worlds of 'Full Frontal' and 'Mr. Robot' collide to teach you all about staying safe in the surveillance state.

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With Russia's alleged interference with the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Mr. Brexit himself dominating the news cycle, it's easy to forget that we’re all probably being watched right fucking now. "Since the election, Americans have an ever-growing list of things to be freaked out about," Samantha Bee said on Monday's Full Frontal. "So I asked Ashley Nicole Black to add one more thing."

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That thing? The goddamn surveillance state, as Black explained in a Mr. Robot-nodding segment on how to get your day-to-day communications as encrypted as possible. "The government surveils communities they believe oppose them," she explained. "When Donald Trump becomes president, they might come after you. Also, everyone who didn't like his last tweet. Ugh. Am I being too paranoid?"

Apparently not. Speaking with ACLU technology expert Chris Soghoian, what exactly is at stake starting in 2017 becomes strikingly clear. "President Trump will inherit the most powerful surveillance machine ever built," Soghoian said. "President Obama thought that these tools would be used responsibly, but there's really a range of awful people out there trying to violate your privacy."

One solution, Soghoian noted, was to go full Morgan Freeman circa The Dark Knight:

To really drive home the point, Full Frontal hit up a rooftop with Ashley Nicole Black and Talib Kweli to debut their helpful new visual, "A Music Video for White People (And Everyone)."

For more on the ACLU's tech recommendations, peep here.

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