Final 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer Shows How Jean Grey Obtains the Phoenix Power

'Dark Phoenix' is out June 7.

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X-Men's Jean Grey undergoes a fateful transformation in Dark Phoenix, out June 7.

In the final trailer for Simon Kinberg's take on Grey's story, we're given glimpses of the coldness of space and the moment that changed it all, ultimately risking humankind in the process. See the full thing up top.

Dark Phoenix stars Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner in the role of Grey. In a recent bit of final Thrones season promo, Turner and Maisie Williams discussed the future of their respective X-Men characters, even entertaining the idea of appearing together onscreen at some point.

In that same joint Rolling Stone cover interview, Turner said fans can expect "Dark Phoenix done right."

Both Dark Phoenix and Williams' New Mutants have been met with frustrating release delays. Dark Phoenix, for example, was originally expected in 2018 before being bumped to early this year and eventually bumped again to the new June date. Speaking on New Mutants last month, Williams jokingly said, "Who knows when the fuck that’s gonna come out?" As it stands now, that X-Men entry is slated for release in August.

Turner's post-Thrones plans include the PTSD drama Broken Soldier and Jouri Smit's Heavy. Back in February, she stopped in on cinematic Jonas Brothers proceedings for the trio's hiatus-ending new single "Sucker," co-produced by Frank Dukes and OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

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