Elmo’s Traumatizing Week Gets Even Worse After Larry David Assaults Him on Live TV: 'Somebody Had to Do It'

Sounds like Elmo should curb his enthusiasm for blind optimism.

Video via TODAY

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Video via TODAY

Elmo’s having a pretty, pretty, pretty bad week.

During an appearance on Today, the frequent purveyor of all-around kindness was briefly accosted by David, who will soon be seen in the final season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Footage shows the surprise moment of chaos breaking out mid-broadcast, with at least one exclamation from someone on the Today team of “Oh my God!”

At one point in the clip, Elmo tells viewers he “loved” David prior to this incident. He also urged an immediate sit-down, telling the Seinfeld co-creator, “Let’s get back on the couch and let’s talk about how you’re feeling.” In the background, you can hear David joking about the incident, like so:

“Somebody had to do it.”

Of course, David later issued an apology.

"Elmo, I just wanna apologize," he told the beloved monster, prompting a swift acceptance of said apology.

Elmo had stopped by Today to discuss his recent decision to ask the internet, simply and innocently, “How is everybody doing?” As he no doubt should have guessed, the collective response to Elmo's inquiry is perhaps best summarized by bringing up this timeless Pete Campbell quip:

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Curb Your Enthusiasm returns on Feb. 4, marking the beginning of the end for the oft-quoted comedy classic that will have given us 12 seasons of unmatched hilariousness by the time it bids adieu.

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