El Chapo's Alleged Text Messages Reveal He Was More Thirsty for an Actress Than an Actual Biopic

Texting reveals all.

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Life as Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, perhaps the most tweetable drug lord of all time, suffered a series of complications earlier this month when the elusive figure was once again detained by authorities following his second successful prison escape. Though the story of a man who somehow managed to slide out of maximum security prison (twice!) is more than enough fodder for an Oscar-nabbing biopic, the increasingly stacked story also includes two additional points of fascination: Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo.

Transcripts of alleged text messages sent between Del Castillo and El Chapo, first obtained by Milenio, reveal that the would-be biopic subject was actually far more interested in the actress than any movie. "I’ll tell you, I am more excited about you than the [movie] script," El Chapo writes in one text, the bulk of which Time reports as confirmed by federal authorities promptly after their release. "My mother wants to meet you. I told her about you."

El Chapo, who is reportedly married with children, repeatedly called Del Castillo "beautiful" and said he looked forward to seeing the actress "eye to eye, in person." Though Del Castillo hasn't addressed these developments directly, she recently tweeted that she's looking forward to sharing her side of the story: "Not surprisingly, many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren't truthful."

As for El Chapo's initial thoughts on Sean Penn? Not quite as enthusiastic:

"What’s that actor’s name?"

El Chapo: confirmed non-fan of Mystic River.


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