Cuba Gooding Jr., James Corden, and the Punisher Erupt Into a Breakdance War on 'Late Late Show'

An impressed Don Cheadle summarized the event as follows: "He wormed on you, son."

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Two of the greatest TV shows of the year collided on Monday's Late Late Show, erupting into a full-on breakdance war. Jon Bernthal (Daredevil's Punisher) and Cuba Gooding Jr. (American Crime Story's O.J. Simpson) joined host James Corden for the battle to end all battles, as an amused Don Cheadle watched from the sidelines.

The typical late-night vibes kept things pretty standard during the first few seconds of the televised group chat, with Bernthal swiftly changing gears by discussing his early dancing  days with a seemingly amazing childhood friend named Dougie Thornell. "I don't know that I've learned how to dance," Bernthal said, adding that just because he "did dance" as a kid doesn't mean he's necessarily an expert in the field. After sharing a hilariously bizarre bit about how he and Dougie were known for crafting stories about murderous dogs and guinea pigs, Bernthal put his Dougie-assisted dancing days to the test.

"That's right, Channing Tatum or whatever your name is," Cuba, he of eating people's phones, told the audience after witnessing Bernthal's quick moves. "It's a challenge." Then, right before the audience's eyes, the American Crime Story star inspired Corden to join him for a brief one-on-one battle that ultimately ended with this amazing Cheadle line: "He wormed on you, son."

Never let someone worm on you.

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