Comedian Kate Quigley Opens Up About Surviving Fentanyl Poisoning on ‘Red Table Talk’

In a new episode of 'Red Table Talk,' premiering on Facebook Watch this Wednesday, comedian Kate Quigley opens up about the horrifying experience.

Comedian Kate Quigley is featured on a new episode of Red Table Talk focused on the potential dangers of fentanyl-laced substances.

In a clip from the episode, which will be available in full via Facebook Watch on Wednesday, Quigley opens up about surviving a tragic fentanyl poisoning incident that left multiple people dead. In September of last year, Quigley and three others—including fellow comedians Enrico Colangeli and Fuquan Johnson, and friend Natalie Williamson—took cocaine they were unaware had been cut with fentanyl. While Quigley lost consciousness and awakened roughly 17 hours later in a severely disoriented state, the three others ultimately died.

“I went to the bathroom and what’s wild is, on the way out of the bathroom, I couldn’t even button my pants. I was already that disoriented,” Quigley told the Red Table Talk panel about the evening in question, as seen in the clip above. “I said, ‘Something’s not right about this. I don’t feel well.’”

Quigley noted she knew “right away” something was wrong, adding that she decided to sit down after feeling nauseous.


“I sat down and that’s the last thing I remember and I passed out in this chair,” she said. “Enrico was sitting across from me in the room. … I passed out on the chair like, sideways, and when I passed out, my legs stayed in this chair, my head hit the floor. Anyway, that was like 6 a.m., it was like the morning-morning. And I woke up and it was dark and it was, like, 11 at night or something.”

The first thing on Quigley’s mind when waking up, she said, was confusion as to why it was dark and why the doors to her apartment were open.

“All I saw was Rico. I was confused,” she recalled. “I’m not a big drinker and I’ve never blacked out. … I was just so confused.”

The full Red Table Talk episode, titled “Fentanyl: An Urgent Warning For All,” will debut on Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET. Also interviewed for the special episode were the nephew of the late Michael K. Williams and the parents of a teen girl who died after ingesting a fake Percocet.

Earlier this month, Quigley shared an extended post to Facebook addressing the claims some have made against her in connection with the fatal fentanyl poisoning. She also thanked those who have continued to offer her support in recent months, adding that going through something like this “makes [you] not care an ounce about fame or money.”

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